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If you are only using the standard (US) affiliate link for a Amazon product comparison table, then you’re missing out on international visitors. Amazon OneLink allows you to get commissions from your global traffic.

So how do you setup OneLink? And why should you?

Let’s take a look.

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Amazon OneLink

BASICS – Don’t miss international commissions

Amazon OneLink is a free (!) service that redirects your product compare chart clicks to the appropriate country page. A visitor from Germany lands at Amazon.de, a visitor from Canada at Amazon.ca.

The best thing: This happens automatically, in the backend. As an affiliate, you still have only one link (that’s why it’s called OneLink) that is valid for multiple countries. Amazon acts as traffic cop and redirects your global visitors to where they need to go.

The advantage is that, if you setup your product comparison table or affiliate link with OneLink, you can capture commissions from visitors outside your core markets.

If you use an affiliate software like TableLabs, you only have to log your OneLink once (!) in your profile. A straightforward setup.

However, having one Amazon account and then making that count globally does not work. Amazon affiliates actually have to sign up for each Associates program individually, country by country.

OneLink ‘bundles’ your existing accounts, it does NOT extend it’s coverage.

And there are other technical limitations.

For instance, OneLink is not capturing your global traffic. It is only available for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

It’s also worth mentioning that, if you scout the official forum for affiliates, you sometimes read about instances, where international commissions were not credited, despite having OneLink setup properly.

Still, since it’s the easiest way to get your foreign clicks monetized. It’s an incredibly easy quick win as you get more commissions from your existing audience.

So – do I need OneLink for my Amazon product comparison table?

THEORY – When it’s worth to set up Amazon OneLink

Imagine the following. Peter from Germany reads your post on the best mosquito nets and likes your recommended product. He clicks on your Amazon product comparison table.

He ends up at Amazon.com, where he does not have an account, leading him to leave the page, without purchase, without commission for you.

Loose, loose.

In contrast, with OneLink, Peter would have landed at Amazon.de. Since he has an account there, he follows through with the purchase and you get a commission.

Win, win.

Let’s break down what you need to consider for setting up OneLink.

For starters, check if your recommended products are sold abroad. There are a few products only available in some markets, specifically if it’s a niche product. For the top pick of your Amazon product comparison table, make sure that the product is available in both markets, e.g. on Amazon.com and Amazon.de.

Let’s say the products are available. How can you proceed?

PRACTICE – Find your target markets for OneLink

As we said in the beginning, you need to create an affiliate account for each market.

OneLink only bundles those accounts together for your Amazon product comparison chart.

To determine which market(s) to enable, you need to understand how many visitors outside your core market you have.

To find out how many cases like Peter you have, start by analyzing the location of your audience.

Any audience tracking software will work, the key is to find a view from which geo your audience is from.

Let’s take a look at TableLabs as an example.

 First, we look at the traffic our Amazon product comparison table receives and see:

  1. The US is our core market (= the deepest blue color).
  2. There are multiple other countries blue and potentially worth pursuing.
Global traffic map for an Amazon product comparison chart (via Google Analytics)
Global traffic map for an Amazon product comparison chart (via Google Analytics)

Furthermore, below the map, you see which share of your audience is from which country.

That gives you a clear picture: If your audience is 100% US (or 100% of a single market), you can stop reading here. There is no international traffic to monetize (yet).

For example: If your post is in a language other than English, global traffic can be limited. Nevertheless, expatriates and people living abroad, might still be interested in your recommendation and can make up a decent share of your traffic.

For TableLabs, only 32.85% of traffic comes from our core market, the US. In this scenario, capturing global traffic is vital. Without doing that, only one out of three clicks on your Amazon product comparison table could be monetized.

You can get the global traffic for your product comparison table via google analytics
Traffic for an Amazon product comparison chart by country (via Google Analytics)

Just by adding the next best country, the United Kingdom (9.18%), is already a big approvement. Enabling UK through OneLink, increases our utilization to over 42%.

That is a whopping 28% growth rate (=((32.85+9.18)/32.85)-1)!!

28% more potential commission for an Amazon product compare chart without growing your audience

Not bad at all.

TableLabs – How can I monetize my international traffic for your Amazon product comparison table

The OneLink setup for TableLabs is easy: You only need to insert your OneLink embed code in your account dashboard.

That’s it. Going forward you are now capturing global traffic for you Amazon product comparison table.

OneLink setup for product comparison table
Setup OneLink for your Amazon Product Comparison Table

Moreover, since TableLabs is using the Amazon API, it will automatically enable OneLink for every single Amazon product comparison table in your account. Past and future tables.

Once OneLink is enabled, all your compare chart links are updated. This ensures that when your visitor clicks on your compare chart, they always land on the right Amazon country page.  

If you have not yet located your OneLink code. Here is a video that explains how to get it.

How to use localize links with Amazon OneLink in TableLabs

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