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You are an Amazon Associate looking to download insights for a high conversion Amazon Comparison Table?

Look no further.

Here is the ultimate collection of the TableLabs Academy insights.

From chart creation to marketing to tracking and optimization.

Here are our best insights.

The following teasers for our TableLabs academy lessons, providing guidance on chart creation, content optimization through great Call To Action and personalization, monetizing international traffic and much more.

Find your niche and double down on personalization

Finding the right niche for your to pursue is the first step.

It all starts with your skill set: What is a segment where you have insights? Where can you add value?

The next step is personalization. This will defining criteria for your success.


You can have the best insights. But if you’re unable to demonstrate your unique skill set to your audience, you will see low engagement.

HAVING a skill set, is different from DEMONSTRATING.

The way to achieve the latter, is by making sure, every post, compare chart and button, makes it crystal clear that YOU are the expert.

Personalization makes you successful. It’s worth it.

Personalization for Product Comparison tables has positive impact on customer engagement
Personalization for Product Comparison tables has positive impact on customer engagement

In practice, it is not always straight forward to think about ways to add your personal note.

In our Academy lesson on personalization for your Amazon Comparison Table, you’ll find practical advice to optimize your audience engagement.

Drive conversion with a great Call To Action button

As an Amazon associate, you produce content that helps your your audience to decide which product to buy.

Describing what products options exist and which features to consider are ideally create interest in your product recommendation.

A Call To Action button, such es ‘Buy Now!’ can convert interest into a commission.

Call to Action framework for Amazon affiliates
Dimensions to consider when choosing your Call To Action

Your button needs to send the right message, thoughtfully placed and tailored to your content. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Our framework helps you to find YOUR Best Call To Action button.

Create Amazon Comparison Tables for a product summary

Creating custom tables and keeping them current is a hassle. Leveraging an affiliate website plugin saves you time and energy.

With TableLabs, Amazon affiliates can create a product comparison table in minutes.

Each table can be easily copied & pasted to your website.

TableLabs pulls automatically descriptions, images & prices for your affiliate products and keeps them always up to date.

In our Amazon product comparison chart tutorial, you’ll find more videos on how to edit & implement your chart.

Spotlight you key recommendation with an Amazon Product Box

While Amazon affiliates need to provide content on product recommendation, you also don’t want to overwhelm your audience with information.

There is a balance point between information relevance and abundance.

Showcasing a single product helps you to distill information and recap key points.

The problem with the Amazon native ads is that they completely lack personalization and look like cheap advertisement.

With a tailored product showcase box, you get the best of both worlds. Short & sweet information without sacrificing your unique voice.

Levering an affiliate website builder, helps you to create boxes with a personal note in minutes.

In our walk-through, you can see Amazon Product Box optimization and design options.

How to create an Amazon Product Showcase box
How to create an Amazon Product Showcase box with TableLabs

Check out the all TableLabs features and start creating beautiful Amazon comparison charts with ease.

Understanding how a customer flows through your sales process

The Affiliate Marketing Funnel is a framework to visualize your customer journey.

Being able to pin point your competitive edge in your funnel, helps you to double down on success factors and eliminate commission leaks.

Your funnel has different stages, the action to resolve a problem depends on where exactly your focus needs to be.

To illustrate, imagine visitors come to your website, but your Amazontable rarely gets any clicks. Or your table gets clicks, but you don’t earn commissions. Or you don;t even have visitors to begin with.

Affiliate Marketing funnel with respective key metric to observe by stage.
Affiliate Marketing funnel with respective key metric to observe by stage.

Finding the right spot to take action on is essential to see great results.

Here is our in-depth review of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Funnel and practical tips on what actions you can take.

Monetize your international traffic with OneLink

Most Amazon Associates only use their standard affiliate link.

If you are an affiliate in the United States, that all of your link traffic flows to

If I am Canadian or German customer, I don’t want to land on, since I don’t have an account there. I want to be redirected to or, respectively.

OneLink does exactly that. It redirects your international traffic to the appropriate domain. Through that, you start monetizing your international traffic.

How to enable OneLink, the limitations of the program and things to consider, read our TableLabs Academy Amazon OneLink guide.

That brings us to the end of our list for best practices for Amazon Comparison Table.

Feedback? Comment or write to us – we love to hear your thoughts.

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